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Hand Guns

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SOLDHG-1.  BRITISH SEA SERVICE PERCUSSION PISTOL: .577 Cal. Dated 1855. Lovely dark blue/brown patina overall. Bore is V.G. stock is excellent, with the name “DAVIS” stamped on the left side below and an indecipherable maker’s stamp. Tight crisp action.   $850.00SOLD

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HG-2.  DURS EGG PERCUSSION PISTOL:   Approx. 45 Cal. Silver butt cap and escutcheon. Action does not function and the trigger fails to come down when cocked.   $350.00

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SOLDHG-3.   MANHATTAN SERIES 1 FRAME WITH A SERIES III BARREL:   The serial number has been removed from the barrel. Action functions perfectly. Cylinder scene partially visible. Smooth grey patina overall.   $350.00 SOLD

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HG-4.   PAIR OF BRASS BARREL FLINTLOCK PISTOLS BY “T. BOLTON & CO.”:   Bolton was in business from 1776 – 1813 in London. Very crisp actions. The stocks are excellent. One ramrod is two inches short.  Overall they would be rated as excellent. Note: There is a small piece of wood missing at the muzzle of one gun.   $3800.00

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HG-5. KETLAND BRASS BARREL FLINTLOCK “TRADE” PISTOL: Approx. .57 Cal. circa 1800. Lock stamped “W. Ketland & Co.”. Stock is excellent. Barrel is a lovely smooth dark brown. Brass has lovely untouched patina. Action is very crisp. Note the tulip mark on the tang.    $1800.00

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HG-6.  W. KETLAND & CO. OFFICER’S FLINTLOCK PISTOL:  Approx. 65 Cal. Note the “GR” Proofs on the barrel. Stock is excellent; there is a very old repair which is virtually invisible, on the right side of the stock. The action is very crisp. The bore is also very good. Note the tulip mark on the tang.  $1750.00

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SOLDHG-7.   COLT M.1851 NAVY:  .36 Cal. Dates 1865 matching numbers.  Cylinder has very heavy pitting overall. Crisp action. Complete with original holster   $750.00SOLD

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SOLDHG-8. PAIR OF FRENCH POCKET PISTOLS: Approx. 12 mm bore. Circa 1830. Exc. Condition. $650.00SOLD

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HG-9:.   ALLEN & THURBER PEPPERBOX: .36 Cal. Some very light pitting on the barrel. Action is very good.    $850.00

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SOLDHG-10.  “IMPROVED REVOLVER”:   Open frame bar hammer.  Transition Revolver. Circa 1840. Gun has been polished bright. Grips are excellent.   Beautifully engraved.   The case is a new one made especially for this gun. $950.00 SOLD 

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HG-11. CASED SET OF FLINTLOCK PISTOLS BELONGING TO CAPT. W. HALLEN OF THE 95TH RIFLE BRIGADE: Maker Simmons – Birmingham. There are two SIMMONS: John 1807-1810 at 57 Weaman St.; and Joseph 1807-1831 at High Street. The pistols are in NEAR MINT condition, albeit both cocks have been repaired very neatly. The barrels are excellent. The bores are excellent with beautiful Damascus Pattern. The bright blue on the trigger guard, butt caps and ram rod thimbles is 90%. All parts are beautifully engraved. The locks are exceptional with sliding bolt safeties. Platinum touch holes. The walnut stocks are exceptional with beautifully chequered grips. The case outside shows use as it is purported by Lt. Col. Hallen, his nephew, to have been carried by him throughout the Peninsular Campaign. The case contains all its original accessories. Mould, flask, cleaning rod, bore scraper, jag, worm and what must have been a brush. As well there is a homemade chamois leather bag, which appears to have been made from a glove, which holds 5 flints. A mallet and wad cutter, with 16 cardboard wads, as well as 25 lead balls; and a piece of leather that holds flints, also a piece of chamois leather. The lid for the ball compartment is missing.

Served in Peninsula with 1/95 AUG. 1808 to Jan.1809; again with 3/95 July 1812 to April 1814; commanded 3/95 in Louisiana 1814; severely wounded outside New Orleans Dec. 1814. Retired 1824. He was in action 18 times and was 4 times seriously wounded. In 1807, he was charged with murder with 2 fellow Officers for a killing in a duel with a fellow Officer. It is unknown if he was the principle or a second. They were all acquitted. He was awarded the Peninsular Medal with 5 Bars, Corruna, Vittoria Pyrenees, Toulouse, Orthez. His battle at New Orleans is considered as one of the greatest actions of the 95th as they were greatly outnumbered but were victorious; only to be ordered to surrender after the Battle of New Orleans, as the War was over, the Peace Treaty having been signed in Ghent prior to the battle. 
The pistols were given to Capt. Tom Drinkwater on the 5th of April 1899 by Hallen’s nephew, Lt. Col. J.H.B. Hallen (William Hallen’s children, a boy and a girl died without issue).  
Included is a cop of the Canadian Police Registration form dated 1958 including the description of the pistols and date of registration to Capt. Tom Drinkwater’s son, John Sumner Drinkwater.
Capt. William Hallen of the 95th Rifles had 5 brothers:
Herbert - Veterinary Surgeon 6th Inniskilling Dragoons.

Brother George
Emigrated to Canada and settled in Penetanguishene Upper Canada.
George's Daughter, Sarah, married John Humphries Sumner Drinkwater. Their son, Thomas Hallen Drinkwater served in the Northwest Rebellion as a Lieutenant with the York and Simcoe Rangers. Promoted to Captain 22 April 1886. He died in 1913. He was the one who received the pistols from Lt. Col. Hallen. Capt. Drinkwater never married. He lived with this brother Richard John Sumner Drinkwater. His son, John Sumner Drinkwater, is the one who registered the pistols with the Ontario Provincial Police in 1958.

Brother Herbert's son, Lt. Col. James Herbert Brockencote Hallen, C.I.E. (Companion of the Indian Empire) also became a Verterinary Surgeon like his father. It was he who presented the pistols to Captain Thomas Hallen Drinkwater in 1899.
The pistols were acquired from John Sumner Drinkwater's Grandson.                  $12,000

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SOLDHG-12  W.W. GREENER HUMANE CATTLE KILLER: “.310 cattle killer” cartridge which is extremely rare and have not been made for decades. The head is stamped “GREENER’S GUNMAKER BIRMINGHAM PATENT NO 7040 GREENER’S HUMANE CATTLE KILLER. MADE IN ENGLAND”. These were made from the mid 1850 through the turn of the century. $425.00SOLD

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SOLDHG-13. ENGLISH FLINTLOCK HOLSTER PISTOL: Approximately .62 Cal. Circa 1770. The 9 inch barrel is engraved “N… SON LONDON”. It seems quite crudely done, however, it does have clear British Proof marks with the initials “_ W”. The lock has quite a unique waterproof pan. Again, the cartouche on the lock, which would have had the maker’s name, is not visible. The brass furniture is very nice and quite unique in its style. The walnut stock is also unique in that it was never made to carry a ramrod. It is quite likely it was made for the Eastern market. The stock has a very nicely chequered panel on the back of the grip. This is a very unique and unusual flintlock. $850.00SOLD
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